Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Sean Paul Murphy, Writer
Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Writer Tip #7: How To Make Movies For A Living

If you want to write movies for a living, work with people who make movies for a living.  They're the ones who can keep you busy and put food on your table.  Don't get excited when you get interest from someone who makes a film once every five years.  Unless it's Stanley Kubrick, and he's dead.    If your producer is still working a side job, you shouldn't anticipate him freeing you from yours.

The film business is pretty much like every other business.  The more you work, the greater your income.  Seek connections with people who regularly make movies.  Not just a guy who made a grade-Z zombie film seven years ago.

That's pretty much it.

Other Tips:

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Monday, October 14, 2013

"Sacred Ground: The Battle For Mount Auburn Cemetery" plays Churches Making Movies Film Festival.

My documentary, "Sacred Ground:  The Battle For Mount Auburn Cemetery" just played the Churches Making Movies Film Festival in New Jersey.    This is fifth film festival to play the recently completed film.

Director David Butler and myself at the festival.

"Sacred Ground:  The Battle For Mount Auburn Cemetery" is a feature-length documentary about community activists and family members battling a Methodist church for control of historic Mount Auburn Cemetery.  For years, Mount Auburn was the only place in Baltimore, Maryland, where African-Americans could be buried.  It is final resting place of lightweight boxing champion Joe Gans, the first African-American world champion in any sport, and numerous leaders of the early civil rights movement.  It is a registered historic landmark that has fallen into such horrifying condition hat bones litter the ground and weeds cover all but the highest monuments.  It is a tale of grave robbing, grave recycling and every other terrible thing that could possibly happen in a cemetery.

Timothy Ratajczak, Festival Organizer LaVonne McIver James and yours truly

Here is the trailer: