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Sean Paul Murphy, Writer
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Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Kairos Prize Semi-Finalists Announced

I want to congratulate this year's semi-finalist for the Kairos Prize.  Being one of the winners in the 2012 competition has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.  That said, I must say that I am rooting for Clark McMillian and his script "Investment In Time."  Clark, a fellow Marylander, was a runner-up last year, and I enjoyed the time we spent together last year in Los Angeles.   Below is a picture of my wife Deborah, Clark and myself on a Movieguide sponsored cruise.

Here they are:

Byron Anderson of Chevy Chase, MD for QUEST FOR LIGHT, ADVENTURE OF THE MAGI
Steve Armour & Steve Gomer of Altadena, CA for ALL SAINTS
Ann Ault of Huntersville, NC for HEART'S DESIRE
Stephen Bentley of Canton, GA for GREATER LOVE
Mario Bernheim of Long Beach, AL for MICHAEL'S REWARD
Annie Bradshaw of High Wycombe, ENG for APPOINTMENT IN JERUSALEM
Dianne E. Butts of Pueblo, CO for DAEMON
Timothy Casto of Burbank, CA for TOBY
Romeo Ciolfi of Toronto, Ont., CAN for PLAY BALL
Rick Conti of Chelmsford, MA for A GRAIN OF WHEAT
Martha Cotton of Sherman Oaks, CA for FORGIVING SOLOMAN LONG
James M. De Vince of Wallingford, CT for THE BASKETBALL
Donald Driscoll of Pitcairn, PA for SHOWDOWN AT DAMASCUS
Johnny Dunn & Georgia K. Vinson of Los Angeles, CA for LOVE RESTORED
Justin Eade of Nelson, New Zealand for SIXGUN ALLEY
Charles E. Felton of Colorado Springs, CO for THE POSTULANT
Brendan Getman of Yorba Linda, CA for REVIVAL
Glenn GriffinDavid Hui & Matt Rust of Fitchburg, WI for SCAR OF CAIN
Randall Hahn of Miami, FL for GIDEON
Julie Hauwiller of Arcanum, OH for YOU HAVE DONE IT UNTO ME
Steven W. Hoerger of Oak Forest, IL for GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS
Phillip Thomas Hopersberger of Laingsburg, MI for SOMETHING GRAY
Mary Huckstep of Colorado Springs, CO for WILLIAM, WILL YOU DANCE?
Jessica Davis Huettner of La Quinta, CA for THE MILE
Jeffrey Langham of Murphy, TX for EONS PART 1: THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD
Dennis Lofgren of Westlake Village, CA for A LIFE WORTH LIVING
Debbie Lollie of Rancho Cucamonga, CA for BETHLEHEM: THE INNKEEPER'S STORY
Karen Lombardo of Reston, VA for REDEEMED
Christopher T. Lovett of Lago Vista, TX for TIES THAT BIND
Kenata Martins of West Hollywood, CA for TANGERINE SON
Clark B. McMillian, Jr. of Bowie, MD for INVESTMENT IN TIME
Ernie Minera of Oakdale, MN for KING OF THE MAT
Anthony L. Morrone & Paul E. Undari of Bronx, NY for BORN UNDER A LUCKY STAR
Jonathan Murphy & Joshua Mills of Los Angeles, CA for A BROKEN BRIDGE
Lana Su Newlin of Oronogo, MO for LOVE IN A BOX
Justen Overlander of Minneapolis, MN for AWAY
Sarah Raudszus of Berkley, MI for FROM THE STORM
Bryan Ready of Honolulu, HI for HOLEY CHILDHOOD
Marcia Chandler Rhea & Margaret Ford Rogers of Charleston, SC for THE CAROLINA STORYTELLER
Chris Saranchock & Melinda Smith of Los Angeles, CA for HOME
David ScottDan Wetzel James Young of Los Angeles, CA for LIFE OF A KING
Anthony W. "Tony" Scott of Napa, CA for LOVE IN TIME
Adrienne Smith of New York NY for THE END OF FAITH
Lizanne Southgate & Alan Sproles of Visalia, CA for 57 CENTS
Paul F. Spite of Cookeville, TN for OPEN TOMBS
Brad Stephenson of Thunder Bay, Ont., CAN for AFTER THE FIRE
Sam Sullivan of Jefferson, LA for THE DRUM
Jim Sutton of Atlanta, GA for LIFE IN CELL BLOCK E
Maggie TerryViale of Napa, CA for THE CRY OF THE DAFFODILS
Margo Trueblood of Atlanta, GA for FAITH FOUND WANTING
Camille Tucker of Culver City, CA for BLESSED IN THE CITY
Beverly Varnado of Athens, GA for BRAVE GIRL
Lisa England Williams of Endwell, NY for THE BELL RINGERS
Kate Wright of Los Angeles, CA for THE AMERICAN SAINTS

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