Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Sean Paul Murphy, Writer
Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kairos Prize Semi-Finalists Announced

As a former winner, I want to take this opportunity to congratulate this year's crop of Kairos Prize Semi-Finalists.  I also want to thank Ted Baehr and all the folks at Movieguide and the Templeton Foundation for shining some attention of the lowly film scribe -- especially laboring in the field of faith-based films.

I see a few Facebook friends on the list.  However, you must forgive me for rooting for fellow Marylander Clark McMillian.  I met him at the Movieguide Awards and he's back with a new script now.

Here's the list:

Kevin Aldrich of Springfield, IL for PADRE
Barbara L. Ashdown of Chagrin Falls, OH for HEART STRINGZ
Diann Beck of Denver, CO for ANOINTED
Ken Berry of West Melbourne, FL for GIANT STRIDE
Beth Block of Sylmar, CA for INTELLIGENT DESIGN
Virginia BreenSean Coleman & Marcus Webb of Stamford, CT for I AM IN HERE
Livia Brode of Forest Hills, NY for SPIRIT OF KELLS
Douglas Cloud & Jim D. Brown of Brentwood, TN for THE PERFECT GIFT
Elena Casanova & Julia TerBurgh of Kansas City, MO for LEO THE LION: HUNTER'S CALL
Lori J. Closter of Plympton, MA for TOPPING THE WILLOW
Judy Cochran of Orient, NY for THE GARDEN
Rick Conti of Chelmsford, MA for THE SQUATTER
Sherry M. Cook of Acworth, GA for MY DIGITAL LIFE
Dawn C. Crouch of Huntsville, AL for DIRTY RAGS
James M. De Vince of Wallingford, CT for SHADOW OF LOVE
Suzanne C. Doherty of Burke, VA for ELIZA'S STORY
Donald Driscoll of Plum, PA for SHOWDOWN AT DAMASCUS
Justin Eade of Nelson, New Zealand for DRIFT STATION DEEP
Brian Faye of Spanish Fork, UT for JEREMY
Tony Gonzalez of Reno, NV for THE PIANO GOSPELS
Jessica Davis Huettner of La Quinta, CA for NATHAN'S MILE
Armando Ibanez of Burbank, CA for AND THE ANGELS SING
Henry Jernigan & Kim P. Wells of Youngsville, NC for ROCK STAR PARKING
Ernestina Juarez of Austin, TX for JOSEPH'S CROSS
Duane Kellogg of Bridgeport, CT for A WRETCH LIKE ME
Jeannine Kellogg of Minneapolis, MN for ON THE FIRST TRAIN TO SOMEWHERE
Gail Black Kopf of Charleston, WV for SOUL SURVIVOR
Dale Lippman of Chesapeake, VA for SEIZE THE NIGHT
Matt Lofgren & George Andre Tittle of Alameda, CA for 'STRONOMER
Christopher Lovett of Lago Vista, TX for TIES THAT BIND
Jackie Macgirvin of Kansas City, MO for THE DESIGNER BAG AT THE GARBAGE DUMP
Jeff Malphurs of New Smyrna Beach, FL for FULL DISTANCE
Clark B. McMillian, Jr. of Bowie, MD for OUR CORNERSTONE
Anthony L. Morrone & Paul Undari of Bronx, NY for BORN UNDER A LUCKY STAR
Robin Wayne Moss of Colorado Springs, CO for BIBLE DATING 101
Connie O'Donahue of Beaverton, OR for KEEPSAKE
David W. Oler of La Puente, CA for JC2
Jeff Peabody of Federal Way, WA for WHEN MOUNTAINS MOVED
Mary Anne Quigley of Tampa, FL for MACY'S GRACE
Bryan Ready of Honolulu, HI for HOLEY MATRIMONY
Marcia Chandler Rhea & Margaret Ford Rogers of Charleston, SC for THE CAROLINA STORYTELLER
Terry Riley of Dublin, OH for THE CLOCK
Anthony Sands of Burbank, CA for IF THERE WERE THREE
Jeff Saxton of Rochester, MN for ACCORDING TO JUDAS
Annette Siegal of Petah Tikva, Israel for TWO WOMEN
James A. Stevens of Wake Forest, NC for ONE SUCH CHILD
Kathryn F. Taylor of Cary, NC for THE LION'S DEN
Carey Mark Watkins of New South Wales, AUST for THE ENTREPRENEUR
Marc Williams of Denton, TX for THE SLAVE OF TANIVEH
Robert Edward Williams of Mountain View, CA for MARKED TREE
Allen Wolf of Santa Moncia, CA for HOOKED

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