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Saturday, March 16, 2019

Ministry of Motion Pictures Interview Part 2

Here's part two of my three part conversation with Todd Shaffer, the creative director of Glorious Films, for his new podcast about faith-based filmmaking called The Ministry of Motion Pictures.

This segment of the conversation covers the second part of my career in faith-based films, post The Encounter. That period was marked by growing cynicism about the business itself and concern about the overall direction and effectiveness of our newly-minted genre. Trust me, it's hard to be impressed by the wizard after you've seen the man behind the curtain.

That said, I don't mean to be dismissive of everyone in the "business." There are many talented and completely sincere people working in the genre. Plus, every time I get too cynical, I am approached by someone who has been genuinely touched or had their life changed by the one of my films. The opportunity to do good certainly remains, but I wonder if we are positioning ourselves best to do so.

Our conversation about the future of Christian films is coming up.

Until then, you can listen to this episode here:

But, better yet, subscribe to the podcast. You'll want to hear all of the episodes. Not just the ones I appear on.

Here it is on iTunes: The Ministry of Motion Pictures
Here it is on RadioPublic: The Ministry of Motion Pictures

It will be uploaded to other venues in the near future.

Follow the podcast on Twitter here:  Ministry of Motion Pictures

Also, here's the trailer to Todd's animated film The Promise: The Birth of the Messiah, now available on Amazon.

Speaking of The Promise, check out my memoir The Promise, or the Pros and Cons of Talking with God, also available on Amazon. It is my true story of first faith and first love and how the two became almost fatally intertwined.

Here are some sample chapters of The Promise:
Chapter 7 - Mission Accomplished
Chapter 15 - Quarter To Midnight

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