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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Ministry of Motion Pictures Interview Part 1

Recently Todd Shaffer, the creative director of Glorious Films, asked me to appear on his brand new podcast about faith-based filmmaking called The Ministry of Motion Pictures. And, you know me, folks, I couldn't refuse.  The episode, part one of two, is now available for your listening pleasure.

I have received a lot of requests for interviews lately. I know why. Christian filmmakers have been reaching out to me since I first published my blog Building The Faith Based Ghetto. These filmmakers want to serve the Lord through film, but they don't necessarily want to make the kind films they've been seeing since our work has been codified into a narrow genre. I am one of the few quote/unquote insiders who has been willing to take a step back and publicly ask why we are making the films we make, and whether they are accomplishing the intended goal. It's funny. In a way I am more influential now as a blogger helping filmmakers focus their vision than I was writing three movies a year.

You can listen to the podcast here:

But, better yet, subscribe to the podcast. You'll want to hear all of the episodes. Not just the ones I appear on.

Here it is on iTunes: The Ministry of Motion Pictures
Here it is on RadioPublic: The Ministry of Motion Pictures

It will be uploaded to other venues in the near future.

Also, here's the trailer to Todd's animated film The Promise: The Birth of the Messiah, now available on Amazon.

Speaking of The Promise, check out my memoir The Promise, or the Pros and Cons of Talking with God, also available on Amazon. It is my true story of first faith and first love and how the two became almost fatally intertwined.

Here are some sample chapters of The Promise:
Chapter 7 - Mission Accomplished
Chapter 15 - Quarter To Midnight

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