Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Sean Paul Murphy, Writer
Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Friday, December 19, 2014

Yours Truly Interviewed on WISN, Milwaukee

I recently went through some old tapes and discovered this clip.  I managed to do a couple of live television interviews when my first film "21 Eyes," then called "Replay," was on the film festival circuit.  Here's an interview I did on a morning show in Milwaukee.

There were hundreds of films in the Milwaukee International Film Festival.  Why did WISN decide to interview me?  Easy.  We made ourselves available.  Whenever we got an invitation to a film festival, we personally sent media kits to the newspapers and television stations in the market to introduce ourselves.  Always do that.  Never expect a film festival to specifically promote your film.

What's funny here is the confusion the film clip causes at the station.  "21 Eyes" has an odd perspective.  The audience only sees what two voice over detectives, who are watching security camera footage, see on a monitor.  When the detectives switch tapes in the film, the screen goes blue.  The tech folks back at the station obviously didn't realize that.  When the image on the screen goes blue, they think it is a mistake and instinctively start switching around.

Oh well.

Yours truly with producer David Butler
BTW, the Milwaukee International Film Festival was one of the best ones I attended.  Milwaukee is a great film town!

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