Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Sean Paul Murphy, Writer
Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Monday, December 15, 2014

Writer Tip #11: Start Living Your Life Now!

My lovely wife and I out living our lives
I talk to a lot of budding screenwriters and filmmakers on the internet.  The underlying feeling I get in most of these conversations is that they are living primarily in the future.  That they feel that their lives won't really begin until they sell that script or make that movie.

Having a dream is a good thing.  Having a goal is a good thing.  Working toward either of them is even better.  But I have some advice for you.

Start living your life now.

Even if your wildest dreams come true and a major studio makes or picks up your film and it generates a billion dollars in worldwide box office, you will never be able to buy back the time you are living now.  Some people believe their talent is their most valuable commodity.  It isn't.  Time is always your most valuable commodity.  Take full advantage of it.  Each hour is equally valuable -- whether you spend it now in a grubby apartment or later in a Hollywood mansion.

Plus, there's no guarantee you will eventually succeed at your goal.  Or even live another day. Never forget that.

Here's another fact.

Making an independent film generally doesn't change your life.

Will it be fun?  Yes.  There is a thrill to being on the set.  It is fun working with actors you've admired for years.  Fewer things are more exciting than finally seeing your film on the big screen for the first time, but after all of the fuss and festivals and slaps on the back, one morning you're going to wake up and discover that you are still the same person who were before you made the film.  If you weren't happy with who you were before you made the film, you probably won't be happy with who you are afterwards.

So learn to be happy now.  Enjoy your life as you live it.  Be present.  Let "success" in the movie business be a bonus to a life well lived, not the all-encompassing goal.  Otherwise you will be disappointed.

Other Tips:

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  1. Sean, great advice. It's so easy to lose focus on the "big picture" when we become
    so consumed and short sighted w/our day to day stuff. Timely message as we head
    into the holiday season and another new year. All the best to you and Deb and family for a healthy and happy Holiday and New Year........Joe.