Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Sean Paul Murphy, Writer
Sean Paul Murphy, Writer

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Monsterpalooza Magazine Debuts

My love of the movies was nurtured on many late Friday and Saturday night watching the great Universal and not so great American International horror films.  Once a month, like many fans of my generation, I fed my fascination with Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine.

Now there is a magazine to fill that void:  Monsterpalozza Magazine.

It is a glossy magazine loaded with pictures and informative stories published and edited by Michael Heisler and the mighty Mark Redfield.*  Mark Redfield is a Baltimore-based actor, writer, artist, director, producer and noted SAG cheerleader.  I worked on many feature films with Mark over the years, and I always enjoyed our epic movie discussions while we worked -- whether they be about Laurel and Hardy shorts, the pros and cons of the various James Bonds or Hammer horror films.  Mark has an encyclopedic knowledge of film surpassing even my own.  I am happy he is finally putting all of that knowledge to good use!

Mark is also putting me to good use as well.  Mark hired to me to do an in-depth interview with the rising, young filmmaker Mike Flanagan for the debut issue.  Mike is a fellow Towson University graduate and I have long been a fan of his work.  We were friendly rivals when my first feature film "21 Eyes" and his cerebral thriller "Ghosts of Hamilton Street" started playing at the same film festivals.  I thought Ghosts was a brilliant film that never got the distribution it deserved.  In this issue, I talk to Mike about his award-winning, soon-to-be-released feature "Absentia."

So check out the debut issue of  Monsterpalozza Magazine.

And check out Mike Flanagan's "Absentia."  Here's the trailer:

*BTW, just to prove what a small world it really is, the art director of the magazine is Theresa Ratajczak, cousin of my longtime screenwriting partner Timothy Ratajczak.


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